The Industry Intelligence Provider

for mining (energy), utilities and telecommunications industries

Energy Skills Queensland (ESQ) leads engagement with the Mining (energy), utilities and telecommunications industry and government on education and training, skills development and labour market issues.

 ESQ provides critical research and independent advice to industry and government regarding skills demand and supply, training and workforce development as well as implementing skilling strategies to build Queensland’s mining (energy), utilities and telecommunications workforce for the future.



Keynote Speaker: The Hon Yvette D'Ath MP, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice and Minister for Training and Skills.

And we launch new research exploring the workforce and skilling implications of a rapidly changing electricity supply industry in Queensland and Australia.

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What We Do

ESQ is the industry intelligence provider for the mining (energy), utilities and telecommunications industries. We provide industry and stakeholder engagement; workforce planning, research and analysis; and workforce development including our SkillPASS and GI Card programs.

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Our Products

The Generic Induction program heads the stable of industry-leading products we've developed. The new Drilling and Completions General Induction was built to meet the needs of the gas industry, and skillPASS helps companies and employees easily and securely keep track of qualifications.

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Why Work With Us

We assist the energy, mning and telecommunications industries to develop their workforces to meet future demand, completing highly successful industry-funded research and workforce planning projects.

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Industry Intelligence

Industry Intelligence Provision for the Utilities, Telecommunications and Mining sectors in Queensland to the Ministerial Industry Commission, and specific employment research across the sector.

Industry-Leading Training Programs

Working with industry, we develop programs such as the General Induction for mining, Drilling and Completions General Induction for gas, and skillPASS which makes it easy to keep track of qualifications and skills when moving between employers.


We connect industry, training, government and employee/employer associations through regular meetings of Industry Leader Groups; and well-attended conferences and workshops.


The Queensland Workforce Skilling Strategy delivers training and employment programs funded by federal and state governments and industry.

Event Partner: Drilling HR Leaders Industry Group Workshop


Recent News


Chief Executive Officer – Energy Skills Queensland Inc.

Reports to:               Energy Skills Queensland Board Energy Skills Queensland Energy Skills Queensland Inc. (ESQ) is the industry leader in workforce planning, skills development and specialist skilling product for the energy sector. ESQ provides cost effective solutions to workforce skilling problems and informs government of industry skilling priorities for the energy sector. Energy Skills Queensland’s core…

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A Changing Electricity Industry and A Changing Workforce

Networking lunch with other professionals and organisations operating in the electricity supply and energy solutions space, while hearing the latest research into industry skilling and workforce change.

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Skill Connection February Issue Out Now

The newest issue of the Skill Connection magazine is out now. In this issue we take a look at: The Top 15 HR Metrics for 2015 Workshop The New DCGI Program with Safer Together How Falling Apprenticeships rates are signalling long term electrical industry skills shortages A preview of our new Electricity Supply Industry workforce…

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indigenous training

We Can Help You Apply for the Industry Skills Fund

Applications open on January 19 2015 for the Industry Skills Fund from the federal Department of Business and Energy Skills Qld offers help in preparing submissions for the fund.

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Chile’s mines set hot pace on renewables — Australia take note

Mining is the fourth-largest energy consumer in Australia, using roughly 10% of Australia’s total. Some of this comes from the electricity grid — but much is supplied offgrid in the form of diesel and other fossil fuels. Could some of this be replaced by renewable sources?

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Smart Money is on Renewable Storage

By John Quiggin, The University of Queensland The question of whether the future will be powered by coal and oil or by renewable energy is crucially important, both to the medium-term future of the Australian economy and to the long-term future of the planet. For either to succeed, there is a storage problem to overcome.…

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