Connecting industry with skills

Established in 2008, Energy Skills Queensland (ESQ) is a not-for-profit association of members from industry, training organisations and government to help industry connect with skills.

ESQ engages with industry to research workforce needs and develop and implement solutions to address those needs.

ESQ works in the following industries:

• Electricity: Electrotechnology, electricity supply and generation, rail, renewable energy

• Gas: Transmission and distribution, CSG to LNG, drilling and completions

• Mining: Surface and underground

• Telecommunications

Annual Conference Header

Energy Skills Queensland’s Annual Conference is dedicated to skills development in Queensland’s energy, resources and telecommunications industries.

Encompassing the theme of 'Energy Skills 2020', this year's conference will continue to cover the many initiatives, challenges and opportunities facing the energy, resources and telecommunications industries now and into the future with informative presentations from industry experts.

A highlight of this year's conference is a lively panel forum discussing "Technological disruption: Can the Vocational Education and Training sector keep up?".  Delegates can expect an interesting and dynamic debate from panel members.

What We Do

ESQ is the industry intelligence provider for the mining (energy), utilities and telecommunications industries. We provide industry and stakeholder engagement; workforce planning, research and analysis; and workforce development including our SkillPASS and GI Card programs.

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Our Products

The Generic Induction program heads the stable of industry-leading products we've developed. The new Drilling and Completions General Induction was built to meet the needs of the gas industry, and skillPASS helps companies and employees easily and securely keep track of qualifications.

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Why Work With Us

We assist the energy, mining and telecommunications industries to develop their workforces to meet future demand, completing highly successful industry-funded research and workforce planning projects.

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Industry Intelligence

Industry Intelligence Provision for the Utilities, Telecommunications and Mining sectors in Queensland to the Ministerial Industry Commission, and specific employment research across the sector.


Industry-Leading Training Programs

Working with industry, we develop programs such as the General Induction for mining, Drilling and Completions General Induction for gas, and skillPASS which makes it easy to keep track of qualifications and skills when moving between employers.



We connect industry, training, government and employee/employer associations through regular meetings of Industry Leader Groups; and well-attended conferences and workshops.



The Queensland Workforce Skilling Strategy delivers training and employment programs funded by federal and state governments and industry.


Recent News


Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) Review

The Queensland Government has undertaken a review of fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) mines where the operation is located near a resource town or regional community. The government is committed to working with the resource industry, their workforces and communities to introduce choice for those workers who may wish to live near where they work. An expert panel…

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Goldenwest_Roadtek (2)

Encouraging Indigenous Employment in the Gas Industry

The gas industry should take a lead role in the development of business opportunities for Indigenous groups in Australia, according to Australia’s peak body representing Indigenous groups in the oil, gas and mining industry. Aboriginal Enterprises in Mining Exploration & Energy (AEMEE) Chairperson Derek Flucker says mining has led the way in Australia for Indigenous…

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It looks gloomy, but is it? emerging workforce needs for Australian Gas

By Geoffrey Cann, National Director, Oil and Gas, Deloitte It really does look gloomy out there. Globally, oil and gas industry layoffs number well north of 100,000. The services companies have taken the brunt of the losses, and it’s interesting how few jobs have been lost among the exploration and production companies. So what gives?…

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Training for the Energy Sector in Queensland Delivers the Goods

Students training for jobs in electrotechnology and telecommunications trades in Queensland are the most likely to complete their training, according to annual data released by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NVCER). Real figures for students who entered formal training in 2010 indicate that, for those going on to work as certified Electrotechnology and…

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Skilled Trades Jobs Hardest to Fill Worldwide

For the sixth consecutive year, skilled trade vacancies are the hardest to fill in the United States and, for the fourth straight year, these jobs are the hardest to fill globally, according to newly released research on global talent shortages. ManpowerGroup surveyed 41,748 employers in 42 countries and territories during the first quarter of 2015…

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NBN invests in training for 4 500 industry workers

Program aims to boost nbn™ industry workforce to 9,000 jobs nbn, with its delivery partners, is about to embark on a significant recruitment and training drive to support the accelerated connection of eight million homes to the nbn™ network by 2020. The current construction workforce is expected to double to 9,000, with nbn committing nearly…

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