The centre for excellence in skills, planning and development, Energy Skills Queensland is the conduit for collaboration, cooperation and communication across the energy industry. We are proud to deliver information and skills to the electrotechnology, telecommunication and gas industries to ensure a strong, safe and sustainable future.

SkillPASS for Companies & Contactors

SkillPASS is an internationally recognised competency management solution for individuals and organisations needing to ensure safety and compliance standards for their workplace or industry.
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Connecting Industry with Skills

Energy Skills Queensland is a not-for-profit association of members from industry, training organisation and government to help industry connect with skills.

Engagement & Advocacy

Energy Skills Queensland is the conduit between employers, training organisations and government.

Industry Intelligence

Energy Skills Queensland engages with key industry stakeholders to build industry intelligence for the delivery of workforce planning initiatives.

Competence & Management

Energy Skills Queensland is committed to supporting industry to improve their competency assurance and governance practices.

Workforce Skilling

Energy Skills Queensland aim to minimise skill shortages and maximise industry ability to respond to new market opportunities.

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Review of regulation of telecommunications customer cabling

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) regulates telecommunications customer cabling to ensure that minimum cabling requirements are in place to promote safety and maintain the integrity of the telecommunications…

A Stronger and United Voice for Australia’s Electrical Contracting Industry

The National Electrical Communications Association (NECA) and Master Electricians Australia (MEA) have issued a joint statement for a stronger and united voice for Australia’s Electrical Contracting Industry for the future….

Energy Queensland and Energy Skills Support Mates in Energy

Leaders in energy gathered at the Energy Industry Mental Health in Focus event last Friday to learn about the Mates in Energy Program. Pictured: Energy Skills Qld CEO David Cross,...