About Energy Skills Queensland

Energy Skills Queensland is the leading, independent, not-for-profit organisation providing innovative solutions to enable a skilled and safe energy industry. Supporting the electricity, oil and gas, mining, renewable and telecommunications sectors, Energy Skills Queensland engages, researches and develops products and services that align to the current and future needs of our stakeholders.

Energy Skills Queensland support industry, government, training organisations and other stakeholder groups through:

  • The provision of industry intelligence, including workforce planning, research and analysis
  • Sourcing funding to deliver skills development and employment programmes
  • Educational design and programme development
  • Facilitation of engagement activities such as industry leader and training groups.

Energy Skills Queensland prides itself on delivering the following benefits to the people we work with:

  • Innovative and agile solutions that add value
  • Deep technical knowledge and industry subject matter expertise
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities.


To provide the Queensland energy, mining, and telecommunication industries with the information and skills it needs to ensure a strong and sustainable future.


To provide a skilled workforce that meets the evolving needs of Queensland’s energy, mining and telecommunication industries.


As a recognised industry leader, our mission is to promote the Queensland energy, mining, renewable and telecommunications industries as a career of first choice, encourage investment in skills and training and increase the number of skilled workers in the industry.