YOU’RE INVITED: 2017 Industry Group Forums

January 19, 2017

Over the past 12 months, Energy Skills Queensland’s Industry Leader and Training Group forums have engaged with key stakeholders to provide training and skilling intelligence, workforce planning and development services to the energy industries. The forums have provided a number of successful outputs including:

  • provision of training data beyond that of traditional enrolments and completions
  • provision of recommendations for the recognition of multiple new traineeships
  • provision of recommendations for the training of school-based apprentices
  • targeted training for disadvantaged persons in highly demanded skill sets.

Participant numbers for forums continue to increase, with members flying in from Far North Queensland, rural Queensland and even interstate. This level of engagement not only fosters greater industry support but augments Energy Skills Queensland’s influence on industry training and skilling initiatives on your behalf.

We understand that many of you touch a number of different sectors within the energy industry. As such, the Industry Leader and Training Group forums will, for the most part, be conducted within one week, thereby increasing the opportunity for stakeholders to attend the forums. Furthermore, due to strong interest and support, Energy Skills Queensland will introduce a new forum in 2017, namely the Renewable Energy Industry Forum. For administrative purposes, Industry Leader and Training Group forums may be joined or separated from time to time.

All Industry Leader and Training Group forums are chaired by nominated persons form the relevant industry for a period of 12 months, under the guise of the forum Terms of Reference. The upcoming February forums will be the final forum for all current Chairpersons; online nominations and recommendations for changes to Terms of Reference are available from the relevant event page below.

Tuesday 21 February


AM: Telecommunication Industry Leaders and Training Group

PM: Renewable Industry Leaders and Training Group


Wednesday 22 February

AM: Electrotechnology Industry Leaders Group

PM: Electrotechnology Industry Training Group



Thursday 23 February

AM: Drilling and Completions Industry Leaders Group

PM: Drilling and Completions Industry Training Group 

Friday 24 February

Mining Industry Leaders and Training Group


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