Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap Update

April 11, 2017

The Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap (ENTR) is a project undertaken by the peak national body representing electricity transmission and distribution businesses in Australia, Energy Networks Association (ENA), in partnership with Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO.

As described in the Energy Networks Association ENTR Overview document, the ENTR ‘is designed to identify the preferred transition which the electricity network industry must make in the next decade to be ready to support better customer outcomes under a diverse range of long-term energy scenarios.’

The team at Energy Skills Queensland have been a key stakeholder for consultation for the ENTR, providing industry intelligence and trends to shape and contribute to key elements of the work program.

In particular, Energy Skills Queensland was sought to provide workforce planning and analysis for the workforce skills, training and professional development work package located within domain D (technological enablers) of the ENTR structure.

Energy Skills Queensland’s findings for the workforce skills, training and professional development work package are being presented in the full ENTR report which will be released in late March of 2017. In line with the ENTR values, if implemented successfully, the pathways outlined in this component of the ENTR report will assist industry to produce a skilled and competent workforce for the future.

Working on this project with the Energy Networks Association, CSIRO and the broader energy supply industry has demonstrated to Energy Skills Queensland that there is much to learn and understand about this ever-changing industry and has solidified the need for Energy Skills Queensland’s provision of industry intelligence and services to the energy industry. It has also highlighted the need to stay up-to-date with new technology and to continue to recognise and appreciate the impacts of digital disruption on both the industry and community as a whole.

The ENTR report will be officially launched by the Energy Networks Association on March 31 2017.  Printable copies will be available from Energy Networks Association and Energy Skills Queensland.

For more information please visit www.energynetworks.com.au/electricity-network-transformation-roadmap

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