Energy Queensland and Energy Skills Support Mates in Energy

June 5, 2018

Leaders in energy gathered at the Energy Industry Mental Health in Focus event last Friday to learn about the Mates in Energy Program.

mates in energy
Pictured: Energy Skills Qld CEO David Cross, EQL Chief Transformation Officer Belinda Watton, MATES in Construction's John Brady, Aaron McCann and James Hill, and EQL CEO David Smales.

On May 11, Energy Queensland partnered with Energy Skills Queensland to present Mental Health in Focus, an event to discuss and explore the Mates in Energy Program.

The program aims to improve mental health in the energy sector, and the event presented a number of guest speakers who discussed the importance of the program.

Chief Executive Officer of Energy Queensland David Smales said that the program will go a long way towards highlighting mental health issues in the Energy Industry.

“Mates in Energy is part of our suicide prevention and mental health strategy,” said David Smales.

“The goal is to boost awareness of mental health issues, remove the stigma and provide training and support,” he said.

Energy Queensland mental health advocates James Hill and Aaron McCann shared their experiences at the event, discussing how prevalent mental health issues are in the industry.

“You spend as much if not more time at work than at home, so mental health support is very important in the workplace,” Aaron said.

James Hill said that it can be difficult to speak up and let someone know when you need help.

“I didn’t want to say anything to anyone when I was suffering, so it was a long time before I got help” said James.

“I want to change the workforce so that people have easy access to mental health support.”

Chief Executive Officer of Energy Skills Queensland David Cross said Energy Skills Queensland was proud to support the program and stressed that mental health needs to be a focus every day and not just the focus of one event. He acknowledged the effort of Energy Queensland in making that commitment to their workplace.

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