Energy Skills Queensland is the conduit between employers, training organisations and government.

We provide leadership to industry to establish collaborative skilling strategies, influence government policy regarding industry skilling needs and support government initiatives to improve workforce planning and workforce development for industry.

Energy Skills Queensland established industry sector committees, training advisory committees and other key reference groups to drive an enhanced skilling framework. These committees and reference groups enable each industry sector have a say in training policy issues and drive future workforce development strategies in order to assess and manage workforce issues in line with industry growth, and provide guidance on the strategic issues that could affect their workforce.

A primary function of Energy Skills Queensland is to assist industry to meet skills needs and mitigate workforce risk by consulting with key stakeholders to develop and implement industry policy and workforce development strategies to help attract, retain and develop skills.

We also have the capacity to advocate on behalf of industry to ensure that industry’s interests are well represented in the development and implementation of government policy. Our strong industry reputation and understanding of skills needs has make the organisation an influential advocate to government and regulatory bodies on workforce trends. We have also successfully brokered millions of dollars in State and federal government funding to rapidly improve training systems and support skills for critical occupations.

Last but not least, Energy Skills Queensland run highly successful and sought after events, conferences and workshops with guest speakers to facilitate networking and knowledge transfer across industry including ‘Trained to Win’, and the Energy Skills Queensland Annual Conference.

SkillPASS: One card. Many worksites.

Giving you unparalleled access to global standards and competencies when it comes to defining, tracking and verifying skills for a safer, more productive workforce.

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Industry Intelligence

Energy Skills Queensland engages with key industry stakeholders to build industry intelligence for the delivery of workforce planning initiatives.


Competence & Governance

Energy Skills Queensland is committed to supporting industry to improve their competency assurance and governance practices.


Workforce Skilling & Employment

Energy Skills Queensland’s aims to minimise skill shortages and maximise the State’s ability to respond to new opportunities.