Industry Intelligence

The key to effective workforce planning is better decision making in how the workforce is identified, targeted and managed. Ultimately, workforce choices made now will impact on future productivity and financial performance.

Energy Skills Queensland engages with key industry stakeholders to build industry intelligence for the delivery of workforce planning initiatives. Through workforce planning, research and analysis, Energy Skills Queensland examines the current and future workforce to identify skills needs and workforce risks. It further analyses employee data to create a workforce profile of specific industry sectors enabling individual company benchmarking against profiles. Through formal industry skilling reports and strategies, Energy Skills Queensland communicates industry intelligence, outlining skilling needs and future workforce risks.

Industry intelligence is also provided by the Energy Skills Queensland team on an industry-wide or enterprise basis, ensuring skills demand and supply are consistently monitored. We provide integrated intelligence and advice to all levels of government in workforce planning and development. Energy Skills Queensland works in partnership with all levels of government to advise, support and address workforce skilling and productivity needs through:

  • access to funded skilling
  • identifying training priorities
  • advising governments on key skills and productivity issues
  • undertaking workforce development and planning.

Energy Skills Queensland also actively supports the development, implementation and continuous improvement of industry competency standards and Training Packages and engages with State and Territory Governments, State and Territory industry advisory bodies and peak representative bodies in areas of industry coverage. The data Energy Skills Queensland provides to Government allow for an evidence base to support future initiatives and changes.

SkillPASS: One card. Many worksites.

Giving you unparalleled access to global standards and competencies when it comes to defining, tracking and verifying skills for a safer, more productive workforce.

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Energy Skills Queensland is the conduit between employers, training organisations and government.


Competence & Governance

Energy Skills Queensland is committed to supporting industry to improve their competency assurance and governance practices.


Workforce Skilling & Employment

Energy Skills Queensland’s aims to minimise skill shortages and maximise the State’s ability to respond to new opportunities.