AuditEnergy Skills Queensland’s market research and engagement activities have identified that industry would benefit from independent advice on the quality of RTO’s. Stakeholders have advised that they have limited amount of resources and time to make an inform decision on which training organisation they would have confidence in the development of their employees/staff/team. ESQ are able to offer a range of services to be able to help industry find these partners and for RTO’s to promote their capability, integrity and the quality of their products.

Energy Skills Queensland has a number of highly qualified Audit professionals who are able to assist in a range of audit activities.  If you are an organisation who would like to understand your training and competency assurance gaps, internal and external compliance, systems of reporting control and compliance reporting, Energy Skills Queensland is able to tailor a solution to help.

Energy Skills Queensland is also able to assist Registered Training Organisations (RTO) with a range of services to increase their compliance capabilities.  For example, Energy Skills Queensland is able to conduct pre-ASQA audits to ensure there is greater certainty  that requirements to register as a new RTO or to increase scope of delivery.

Energy Skills Queensland can assist with reviewing an RTO’s current systems and process to help increase industry support for your training and assessment strategies. Energy Skills Queensland has the capability to support ongoing industry engagement designed specifically to your RTO need and structure including facilitating internal systematic validation of training and assessment strategies.

Through a diverse network of industry stakeholders, Energy Skills Queensland can further facilitate external industry engagement to help any RTO maintain a diverse and transparent external industry review of physical and human resources maintaining ASQA compliance and important ongoing third party support.

Our experienced and diverse team can also assist an RTO with meeting rectification work to meet identified non-conformance items helping to ensure continuous ongoing improvement requirements are met meeting current industry best practices.