ESI Passport

ESI Passport logoIn 2008, Energy Skills Queensland in collaboration with the Energy Networks Association, the Electrical Trades Union and Industry Skills Councils, commenced the development of the Australian Electricity Supply Industry Skills Passport (ESI Passport) to encourage nationally consistent practices in training standards for safe work on electricity networks was created.

The ESI Passport encourages:

  • Nationally consistent practices
  • A drive to common training standards not covered by Training Packages
  • Individual ownership of refresher training currency.

The ESI Passport national database and system:

  • Supports COAG objectives
  • Assists mutual aid requests
  • Provides portable evidence of the currency of refresher training and network authorisations
  • Supports in-field auditing of work parties.

The ESI Passport was formally launched on October 13, 2010 and is governed by a management committee of industry representatives.