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Giving you unparalleled access to global standards and competencies, SkillPASS raises the bar when it comes to defining, tracking and verifying skills for a safer, more productive workforce.

SkillPASS is an internationally recognised competency management solution for individuals and organisations needing to ensure safety and compliance standards for their workplace or industry.

SkillPASS is an Australian owned and operated system that helps identify, monitor, assess and verify the skills you need to sustain a safe, productive and compliant operating company or worksite/s.

SkillPASS provides a clear overall picture of individual, team, worksite and company-wide skills to compare to industry standards and site specific requirements. All information contained on the SkillPASS system is independently verified, ensuring data validity and integrity.

Inductions, training, competencies and licences can be accessed quickly and conveniently through your smartphone, tablet or computer, allowing you to make decisions about who should be working on-site confidently and accurately whilst improving site safety. Access options are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring continuity of operations for employers and ongoing confirmation of qualifications and skills for employees.