Workforce Skilling & Employment

Energy Skills Queensland’s work in the workforce skilling and employment arena aims to build, attract and retain a skilled workforce to meet the economic needs of Queensland, to minimise skill shortages and maximise the State’s ability to respond to new opportunities.

Energy Skills Queensland provides workforce development services and solutions to identify the skills requirements critical to effective and competitive businesses and industry as well as individuals. At the national and industry levels, Energy Skills Queensland conducts workforce development for the strategic application of planning and skilling policy to support economic and industry growth. Energy Skills Queensland also develops and applies programs and plans to support businesses, communities, industries and regions to build and maintain the skilled workforces needed to meet productivity objectives.

At the State and local level, Energy Skills Queensland works with industry, the community and Government to build a workforce which is productive, inclusive, efficient and mobile. Energy Skills Queensland works with enterprises, employment service providers and Registered Training Organisations to provide workforce planning and development services including independent skills and training advice and matching identified training needs with appropriate training solutions.

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Energy Skills Queensland is the conduit between employers, training organisations and government.


Competence & Governance

Energy Skills Queensland is committed to supporting industry to improve their competency assurance and governance practices.


Industry Intelligence

Energy Skills Queensland engages with key industry stakeholders to build industry intelligence for the delivery of workforce planning initiatives.